Client: Gordon Skene

Blogger, Archivist

Gordon Skene's Past Daily

Gordon Skene, two-time Grammy Nominee and archivist runs The Gordon Skene Sound Archive and this website, which is dedicated to preserving and encouraging an interest in history and historic news, events, and cultural aspects of our society. Past Daily is the only place on the Internet where you can hear a Nixon speech, listen to an interview with John Cassavettes or play a broadcast of Charles Munch rehearsing the Boston Symphony in 1950, all in the same place. It's living history and it's timeless.

Gordon came to us because he had some trouble with his WordPress site. He was working with limited upload sizes, a server that was too small, an aging theme, and too many plugins. We helped by moving his site from Hostgator to Bluehost, getting him more server space, and redesigning his site without losing his content.

Project Start: 2 November 2016
Company: Past Daily

What makes this site fly: