Client: Brenda Duran

Tax Preparer & Enrolled Agent

Brenda Duran Tax and Accounting Services

Brenda Duran started out with a do-it-yourself website from VistaPrint. The site was a combination of disassociated images and links imported from different sites. The site was not user-friendly and did not work on mobile screens. We set her up with a hosting account, custom email, and site-lock protection. We then took her information and created this single-page site with SEO and newly-formatted images. The site is coded in HTML5 with CSS (LESS), PHP and Javascript. We also created a Google My Business page and had Google index the page, gaining the 3rd, 5th and 6th spots on the first search engine results page.

Project Launch: 10 Dec 2015
Company: Brenda Duran Tax and Accounting Services

What makes this site fly: