Need help with grants?
    Are you reaching your donors?
    Are you operating like a business?
    How do you stack up with your competition?
    Do you want to help more addicts?
    How are clients and families finding you?
    Are your social media efforts truly inspiring?
    Is your website compelling people to contact you?
    Do you want more clients?
    How are clients finding you?
    Are your social media efforts working?
    What opportunities are you missing in the digital space?
  • audio recording equipment
    Do you have a great idea?
    Do you have the right equipment?
    How will your podcast gain listeners?
    Do you know how and where to publish your cast?


Strengths forward, we specialize for our clients

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Make sure you have a solid digital presence. Don’t get left behind.

Chapelure Media can help you serve your mission from branding to website design, grant-writing and strategic fundraising planning, to tactical social media campaign execution. We can help your cause succeed.

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Your digital presence is your calling card. Make sure it's compelling.

Chapelure Media can help you help others from branding to website design to SEO, from blogging and social media interaction and SEM, we can make your location and treatment programs shine.

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B2B and B2C Businesses

We work with everyone we can help: aerospace companies, restaurants, upstarts, manufacturers, public speakers...anyone who is driven and wants to be successful.

Chapelure Media can work with you and provide your business with the content and design that can move your business forward, whether you are looking to expand your clientele or increase and improve your recruiting efforts, we can help define, refine, and reach your audience.

New Podcasters

Your digital presence attracts new listeners. Make sure it's entertaining!

Chapelure Media can help you get the word out about your podcast and give your listeners something else to find. We offer advice on starting your cast, monetization, branded graphics, web design and social media marketing.

Who we are

Chapelure is here for you.

We are goal-driven.

Your goals are our goals. We begin with your end goal in mind. If you are an entertainer, your goal is not just to get more visitors to your website or likes on your Facebook page, it’s to get more people buying concert tickets or purchasing recordings. If you are a restauranteur, your goal is to increase covers, not just get more re-tweets. You may be a non-profit who needs donations; it’s nice to get a thousand +1’s on Google+, but the cash is more useful to furthering the cause.

Our goal is to free up your time to concentrate on your talent and business. We build relationships digitally to drive relationships in real life for your project. We work hard in the digital realm to tell your story and compel your fans to act and help reach your ultimate goal.

We use time-tested pillars in our business:

  • Decide based on data
  • Measure and improve
  • Lean out time-wasting efforts
  • Design for humans, code for computers
  • Always go the extra mile

Past Clients

We have had the good fortune to work with brilliant people and extraordinary companies.