• What is your digital footprint?
    What channels should you be using?
    Where is your website traffic coming from?
    Are your social media team's efforts effective?
    What opportunities are you missing in the digital space?
  • What is your competition doing?
    What is working in your industry?
    How well do you know your audience?
    What drives and interests your customers?
    How do you stack up with your competition?
  • Do you have a solid content plan?
    How high do you rank in search engine results?
    Does your website work perfectly on all platforms?
    Are you adjusting your content based on analytics?
    Are you measuring results based on your business goals?

Digital Media | Analytics | Strategy | Marketing | Creative | Training


Do you have what you need in the digital world to make your business successful? If you don't, reach out to us. We can help with assessment and recommendations. We specialize in website design, social media, content creation, strategy, SEO, SEM, rebranding and team training. With these services we add a serious dose of measurement.

Digital Analytics
  • What is your digital footprint?
  • How do people find you?
  • Who is talking about you?
  • What channels are you using?
  • What channels should you be using?
  • Are you working toward your business goals?
  • What are you missing?

Our comprehensive digital analysis answers these questions.

Website Analysis | SEO
  • Where is your website traffic coming from?
  • When someone comes to your site, on what page are they landing?
  • How high do you rank in search engine results?
  • How many errors are in your code?
  • What is your bounce rate?

Our website analytics give volumes of information on your reach.

Content Strategy
  • How well are your digital and social media efforts working?
  • Are your blog posts well received?
  • Are your newsletters being read?
  • Do you have a content plan and schedule?
  • Are you using metrics to plan, schedule and adjust content?

Our content strategy answers shed light in dark corners.

Social Teams
  • Is your social media team effective?
  • Are they knowledgable in the digital space and the psychology involved?
  • Are they experienced digital communications professionals or are they transfers from many different departments?
  • How do you train them?

Our social teams training program can alleviate concerns.

Competition Analysis
  • What is your competition doing?
  • What is working in the industry?
  • How do you stack up against your competition?
  • How are you differentiating yourself?

Our competitive analysis makes an enormous difference.

Audience Research
  • How well do you know your audience?
  • Are you attracting the right people?
  • What drives them?
  • What captures their attention?
  • What social platforms are they using?

Audience research is essential to your business.

Website Design
  • Is your website mobile-friendly?
  • Does your design capture the attention of your customers?
  • Is your user's experience competitive?
  • Is your site W3C validated?

Web design elements are crucial for customer attraction.

Website Recovery
  • Do you have a backup of your website?
  • If your server went down, how quickly could you be back up?
  • How often do you update your site?
  • How stable is your code?

Emergency preparedness is the key to survival.

Chapelure Media answers all of these questions.


Whether you need a full comprehensive digital analysis of your online presence or a deep dive into a particular area, we can help.

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Digital Analytics

Our analysis can target a particular area, or to give you a 40,000-foot view of your digital footprint. We run overall baseline reports, social media performance, website analytics and on- or off-site SEO.

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We help you understand your audience and find new customers. We perform audience and competition research, concept development, brand and campaign strategy, and project planning and management.

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Digital Marketing

We help with campaign creation, social media management, customer analysis, competition analysis, channel strategy, and SEO strategy. We identify advertising opportunities on multimedia platforms that represent target-rich environments.

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Creative Services

We are a creative bunch, performing UX, art direction and design, content creation, web design/redesign/salvage/recovery, branding and graphics. We use a clever combination of qualitative and quantitative data using proven tools and real users to report experience.

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Team Training

We train communications teams on social media psychology, content planning and scheduling. We work with leadership teams on corporate social media policy, CSR, internal communications and creative team leadership. In addition, we advise startups for out-of-the-gate success.

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We are goal-driven.

Your goals are our goals. We begin with your end goal in mind. If you are an entertainer, your goal is not just to get more visitors to your website or likes on your Facebook page, it’s to get more people buying concert tickets or purchasing recordings. If you are a restauranteur, your goal is to increase covers, not just get more re-tweets. You may be a non-profit who needs donations; it’s nice to get a thousand +1’s on Google+, but the cash is more useful to furthering the cause.

Our goal is to free up your time to concentrate on your talent and business. We build relationships digitally to drive relationships in real life for your project. We work hard in the digital realm to tell your story and compel your fans to act and help reach your ultimate goal.

We use time-tested pillars in our business:

  • Decide based on data
  • Measure and improve
  • Lean out time-wasting efforts
  • Design for humans, code for computers
  • Always go the extra mile

Past Clients

We have had the good fortune to work with brilliant people and extraordinary companies.

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