• What is your digital footprint?
    What channels should you be using?
    Where is your website traffic coming from?
    Are your social media team's efforts effective?
    What opportunities are you missing in the digital space?
  • What is your competition doing?
    What is working in your industry?
    How well do you know your audience?
    What drives and interests your customers?
    How do you stack up with your competition?
  • Do you have a solid content plan?
    How high do you rank in search engine results?
    Does your website work perfectly on all platforms?
    Are you adjusting your content based on analytics?
    Are you measuring results based on your business goals?


Analytics, Strategy, Marketing, Creative, Training

Big-picture analytics, social measurment, market analysis. Strategic planning. Website design, redesign, salvage. Graphics, social content, social copy. Blogs, photography, image manipulation. Traditional PR, team training, SEO, SMO, SEM. We work with large corporations, small businesses, mid-sized companies and some kickass startups. No matter the need, our process allows us to discover, analyze, create and develop unique solutions that solve to our clients needs. Our solutions work for all levels of business and are built for growth. Start small and think big. Our digital and traditional PR strategies work as your business and audience grows.


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When it comes to getting noticed, we can help.

A Digital Presence Analysis
  • Digital presence discovery.
  • Discovery of lost accounts.
  • Channel recommendations.
  • Missing directory listings.
Audience & Competition Research
  • Find your perfect client.
  • Find out what your competition is doing.
  • Advice on leveraging your uniqueness.
  • Advice on being irresistable.
A Strong, Unique, & Memorable Brand
  • Unique, powerful graphics.
  • A memorable tagline.
  • An official branding guide.
  • Consistent use across platforms.
A Strong and Tested Website
  • A site that captures attention.
  • A tested and proven mobile-friendly design.
  • A competitive user experience.
  • A site works for the visually impaired.
Strong Social Presence
  • Choose the right channels for your audience.
  • Create the right message with great graphics.
  • Tell your story. Convey your personality.
  • Always be compelling.
Big Content Strategy
  • Content designed and scheduled for impact.
  • Keyword-optimized blog posts.
  • Compelling direct e-mails.
  • Metrics to plan and adjust content.
Optimization: SEO | SMO
  • Keyword research, meta tag creation.
  • On and off-site search engine optimization.
  • Social media account optimization.
  • Scheduled press releases.
Marketing: SEM | SMM
  • Competition marketing investigation.
  • Marketing on Bing and Google.
  • Marketing on social media channels.
  • Guest blog and podcast opportunities.


Strengths forward, we specialize for our clients


Make sure you have a solid digital presence. Don’t get left behind.

Chapelure Media can help you serve your mission from branding to website design, grant-writing and strategic fundraising planning, to tactical social media campaign execution. We can help your cause succeed.

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Your digital presence is your calling card. Make sure it's compelling.

Chapelure Media can help you help others from branding to website design to SEO, from blogging and social media interaction and SEM, we can make your location and treatment programs shine.

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B2B and B2C Businesses

We work with everyone we can help: aerospace companies, restaurants, upstarts, manufacturers, public speakers...anyone who is driven and wants to be successful.

Chapelure Media can work with you and provide your business with the content and design that can move your business forward, whether you are looking to expand your clientelle or increase and improve your recruiting efforts, we can help define, refine, and reach your audience.

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Your goals are our goals.

We begin with your end goal in mind. If you are an entertainer, your goal is not just to get more visitors to your website or likes on your Facebook page, it’s to get more people buying concert tickets or purchasing recordings. If you are a restauranteur, your goal is to increase covers, not just get more re-tweets. You may be a non-profit who needs donations; it’s nice to get a thousand likes on Instagram, but the cash is more useful to furthering the cause.

Our goal is to free up your time to concentrate on your talent and business. We build relationships digitally to drive relationships in real life for your project. We work hard in the digital realm to tell your story and compel your fans to act and help reach your ultimate goal.

We use time-tested pillars in our business:

  • Decide based on data
  • Measure and improve
  • Lean out time-wasting efforts
  • Design for humans, code for computers
  • Always go the extra mile


Who we are

Data-Driven Strategic Digital Media Consultants with Passion

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Your organization has everything it needs - a great product, team, service. You do things no one else does or has even thought of doing. You have a plan, but things just don’t seem to be coming together…you need visibility. You need to tell your story. Chapelure Media helps craft your story and bring it alive through carefully curated and custom content coupled with award-winning media strategies. We put you on the map and light the signs along the way so you can be found.

We can't help but get excited about our clients and their businesses. Helping others succeed is what we are all about.


Past Clients

We have had the good fortune to work with brilliant people and extraordinary companies.

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