About Us

Data-Driven Strategic Digital Media Consultants

We create digital communication plans to inspire advocates and reach goals for individuals, businesses, non-profits, startups and causes.

Your organization has everything it needs - a great product, team, service. You do things no one else does or has even thought of doing. You have a website, but things just don’t seem to be coming together… you need visibility. You need to tell your story. Chapelure Media helps craft your story and bring it alive through carefully curated and custom content coupled with award winning media strategies. We put you on the map and light the signs along the way so you can be found. We begin with your end goal in mind. Our goal is to free up your time to concentrate on your talent and business. We build relationships digitally to drive relationships in real life for your project. We work hard in the digital realm to tell your story and compel your fans to act and help reach your ultimate goal.

Our Professional Principles
Design is Important

We know design and we are sticklers for good design. Elegant. Simple. Unique. Complete. Testing for design flexibility is absolutely essential to ensure that your website, post or graphic fits every screen size on which it will be viewed.

The Medium is the Message

Your PR campaign is different depending on the channels on which it is running. We customize your message and craft your story according to channel (Facebook, Twitter, radio, TV, YouTube, podcast...) and optimize it for your desired audience.

Content Strategy is King

Your digital media content should be strategically planned from the ground up with audience identification and analysis, competition research, and trend studies. We are thought-leaders in strategy.

Knowledge is Powerful

Your team, when armed with the knowledge and skills, can be a force to be rekoned with. We can teach them the ins and outs of content creation, strategy and scheduling based on your company's digital analytics.

Measurement is Key

We take analytics seriously. They tell us what the customer likes, how they find you and how long they look at your content. Data collection isn't enough. Analysis is the key to unlocking the postential of an evolving brand, company or product. The numbers tell us one thing. The meaning behind the numbers tells us so much more.

Over 100 years of combined experience, covering 3 generations of advising.

Key Team Members

We play with digits and we play to win.

Cecilie Korst

Cecilie Korst


22-year Air Force Veteran: cyber operations, civil engineering, internal communications. Civilian experience in corporate communications, project management, LEAN, 6-Sigma, sales, web design, research, SEO, SEM. Runs the company.

Drew Robbins

Drew Robbins


30 years experience in the aerospace sector: capture management, business development, proposals, project and program management, operations management. Expert in personal relationships, ROI, R-6SIGMA, accounting, political science.

Kathleen Buczko

Kathleen Buczko

Of Counsel

29 years in strategic communications planning, crisis, corporate, internal and external communications, integrated marketing, public relations, advertising, journalism, start-up consulting. Keynote speaker for numerous conferences.

Kohl King

Kohl King

Manager, Small Business Brands & Social

20 years of experience in project managment and fine art--a rare combination valuable in our business. Manages brands and social presence of small business clients on key channels to meet brand intentions, goals, scope of work. Budget, timeline, fanbase and strategy advisor.

Heidi Korst

Heidi Korst

Parent/Teen Specialist, Military Specialist

Air Force Veteran. Library science. User Experience testing. Human psychology and user reaction expert, specializes in child and pre-teen content, parent-child interaction, and social media for parents. Crowdfunding and corporate social responsibility advisor.

Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson

Government & Election Specialist

30 years experience in politics, constituent relations, campaign management, public relations, office management, US House of Representatives relations, and building customer relationships. Election strategy advisor. Simply, she's awesome.

Stephanie Robbins

Millenial Specialist

Otis and FIDM graduate, Millennial generation advisor, social media manager and link curator.

Ali Klein


Graphic and web designer. Specializes in end-to-end web development including but not limited to CSS (Sass/Less), HTML (And Templating languages) and JavaScript (MVCs). Serves as our chief exterminator (debugger). aliklein.com